What I Do as A Content Writer?

By erny's journal - 13.06.00

There are some peoples who don't know about this profession. Some peoples asked me frequently about my spesific job as a content writer. So, in this post i will tell you what i do as a content writer. Beside that, i also introduce to you all about the new profession is.

May be a many years ago, the people who called a writer was a people who has been launched his book. But now, writer is not only an author of novel, motivation book, or etc. Every people can be a writer because internet. Yess, internet!

Content writer is new profession that born caused by internet. On the internet era, we can be writer easyly than few years ago. The differences between writer and content writer is their output. I explained writers are the ones who wrote the book, while the content writers are the ones who create the content for the website is required or social media activation. So, they have some differences.

Then, what i do as a content writer?

Firstly, i must learn the client requests. After that, i do some researchs about their audience target. Based on research, i'll make a content strategy. Content strategy is everything include what the suitable content for audience. Content is not only text, but it can be image, video, or infographic. I choose one or more the kind of content that match with clien requests. If there is agreement between content writer and client, so the next time content writer will make editorial planning.

For every peoples who never do this job, may be it looks easy. Content writers just updated status on FB or posting the tweet on Twitter. But the reality is not easy. Content writers must know the trend that happened in their audience life. So we can talk about interesting topic for them. We also must be creative when make a content. Don't make an mainstream content. We must beable to make an unique content eventhough the information is common. That are the difficult task on my job. I must be creative everytime. Client will not give me permission, even i on bad mood because PMS or another reasons.

So, being a content writer is not really easy. I can say this profession is little bit boring. But i can't resist that i enjoy as a content writer. 

So what about your profession. Let you tell me on my comment box bellow! :)

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