THOUGHT: I Embrace on Natural Beauty

By erny's journal - 16.35.00

It was a common thing when your friends said that she was not as beautiful as a model or other public figure. They also complained about their imperfection skin. For years, it didn't disturb me. But now, it does. Then, why do i feel it's disturbing?

Because for me, every woman are beautiful. We have a part of beauty which not like others. So, why do we love to compare our beauty side with others? Comparing our beauty side with other woman just make us ungrateful. We must realize that there are women with imperfection body but they still inspire people around. So, why do we focus on our imperfection and forgetting our beauty side?

Ladies, come on, we have natural beauty that different with other woman in this world. We are beautiful in our way. One thing that we must remain is confident with our self. We never be beautiful if we are not confident at all. We can look at flowers. They have some colors but they always stunning and beautiful. So, we can like them! May be, we have different body shape, skin type, and skin color, but it is not a parameter for judging beauty or not.

Oh ya, i get the inspiration for this post from 'Real Beauty' campaign by Dove.  You can watch it on Dove channel at Youtube. It's so touchy. This video remain me that i'm still beautiful with my imperfection. Yeah we're beautiful in our way :)


And now, do you feel beautiful after watching this video? Tell me by comment ya :)

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4 komentar

  1. Aku termasuk salah satu gadis yang dari remaja dikaruniai kulit berminyak & gampang berjerawat. Trus suka sebel donk liat cewek yang mukanya mulus2 aja tapi masih ngerasa punya banyak imperfection, kusam lah apalah XD XD XD siriiik hehehee
    If every woman feel blessed of their natural beauty, there won't be any plastic surgery I guess...
    Ahhh Dove campaigns are always touching! *mbrebes mili

    1. Iya kak Tii aku juga dulu suka sedih melihat diriku sendiri. Pokoknya sering mikir kok aku jelek banget... Tapi lama-lama pikiran itu ilang gegara banyak lihat mereka yg banyak imperfection tp tetep semangat plus terpengaruh video DOve dan postingan Alodita wkwk.

  2. Aku cantik dooongs.. Tapi banyak yang jauuuuuh lebih cantik! Wahahahah :D

    1. Tenang, karena yg lebih cantik dari miss universe aja ada kok. :)