Food Photography Part1

By erny's journal - 00.15.00

This semester i get Produksi Media Cetak as one of subject in college. From this subject, i learn about how to produce a newspaper, magazine, or another print media. My group chosen magazine as our project. Since Oktober till now, we produced magazine like a professional. Oh ya, our magazine focused at culinary, so we reported some recommended restaurans or recommended menu. Doing this project not only tell me how hard to be reporter or journalism, but also tell me how to make a good content on text or visual like photo. Because this project too, i was falling in love on food photography. There are my photo that i took when i reported them on my magazine.

May be i don't make a beautifull pictura like a professional photographer, but i learn how to be them. So check this out! :)

ice chocolate by Parsley

ice chocolate & lemon tea by Parsley

aneka olahan mie by Parsley
mie sui kiau udang by Parsley
veggie fried rice by Loving Hut
tomato & honey dew juice by Loving Hut
Kupat Tahu made by Ibu

Ok i'll post another picture on the next time. See you! :)

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2 komentar

  1. mbok kamu bikin artikel ttg motivasi yang ketara banget ehhh.. biar aku tau ehhh ahah.. kan pengalamanmu banyak mbak

    1. Min, kamu ngomong apa e haha... Lha tapi aku belum mampu menjadi seorang motivator wkwk